Thorowgood T8 Dressage Moveable Block
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T8 Dressage - Moveable block

Dressage specific tree and moveable under-flap thigh blocks combine to help the rider maintain a balanced dressage position. The low profile panels offer closer rider contact and three built-in girthing options to ensure maximum saddle stability. 

Quality leather seat and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle.

  • Flocked with 100% British wool.   
  • Three wither profiles available (Low, Standard and High)
  • Three panel options (Low, Standard and High)
  • Long 'R' bar gullet type.
  • Available in Black ONLY


  • Item #: T8 LDM-MDM-HDM

Thorowgood T8 Dressage Moveable Block

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