Thorowgood Saddles

"Thorowgood Saddles are designed to fit a broad spectrum of horse confirmations including cob types, standard build, and high withered horses!*"  

                                                                           Kim Benson - Thorowgood Saddle Fitter, Sales & Stockist.


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     *Baroque, cob, short-backed, and pony type horses all require a short 'S' bar. These body types simply do not have the space to accommodate the long 'R' bar gulleted saddles; it interferes with their freedom of movement at the shoulder.

    If you are unsure of which model of saddle is best or the body type of your horse, Flying Star Saddlery will be happy to evaluate a photo (of your horses back!) or assist you in taking a wither tracing so we can choose the correct model and ensure what's best for you and your equine partner!