Cotton Half Pad with Sheepskin rolls front and rear. Four colors - Brown, Black, White and Natural color sheepskin on a dark brown pad. Thinline area sewn on top for shim insertion.
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Trifecta Cotton Half Pad with Fleece Rolls 

Design Upgrades include:

  • New mesh spine band.

  • Woven Wool: On a synthetic hide, the high-density top-grade wool is needled in, greatly improving longevity.

  • Increased wither clearance.

Cotton pad with sheepskin trim. Special design offers "show-ring" look with no added bulk between horse & rider. Maximize communication & performance in the show ring.

Medium: 18” between rolls / 23” including rolls

Large: 19.25” between rolls / 24” including rolls

"I'm Shimmable!"

ThinLine Item 7416

Medium and Large Pads are available in Black, Dark Brown, Natural & White 

Small Pads are available in Black and White ONLY

  • Item #: ThPad7416

ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad with Fleece Rolls

Price: $220.00
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