ThinLine Cotton Correction Half Pad . Black, Dark Brown and White.
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ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Correction Half Pad

These all cotton best sellers make a great choice when seeking a low maintenance pad to fit a wide variety of saddle shapes & sizes.  GREAT for the broad-backed horse. These pads are shimmable!

Design upgrades include:   New ventilating mesh spine band and flat underside offer a clean fit. Extended ThinLine coverage in the front provides protection under the stirrup bars and a larger area for adding shims. Increased wither clearance.

Small: 20” along spine/ 14.5” across seat

Medium: 22” along spine / 16” across seat

Large: 23” along spine / 16.5 “ across seat

Medium and Large Pads - available in Black, Dark Brown and White

Small Pads - available in Black and White ONLY

  • Item #: ThPad 7306

ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Correction Half Pad

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