Dark Brown Anatomic Hunter -Jumper Long Girth. Four views Silver Buckle end
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ThinLine Anatomic Hunter / Jump Girth

English Thinline Schooling girth with double ended elastic is made from almost 100% ThinLine material. This girth will keep horses supremely comfortable while preventing the spread of fungus & rain rot.


  • Anti-microbial, non-slip/no-rub, breathable girth

  • Anatomic design, coupled with ThinLine

  • Includes 3 D-rings

  • Italian leather lined with ThinLine

  • Leather reinforcements, roller buckles, and double-ended, triple-layered elastic.


Bonus Feature: No Sheepskin needed! Now you can forget all the time constraints of managing sheepskin girths. ThinLine English horse girths give you all the soft protection without the rub. And all you need to do is wipe it off!

Available in Dark Brown only.

  • Item #: 2075DB

ThinLine Hunter/Jumper Girth

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