ThinLine Dressage Woven Wool Correction Pad
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Woven Wool Dressage Pad - ThinLine features:

  • Shimmable for customized saddle fit with shims made of the same trademark foam.
  • Shaped wither profile provides clearance / panels help create a spine free channel.
  • 95% shock absorption 
  • ThinLine foam also minimizes rider movement creating a quieter seat.
  • ThinLine’s open cell technology provides breathability and is non-slip

23” along spine (21” not counting wool roll) & 21.5” flap length

Colors available: Black, White and Navy with natural wool

What is Full Merino Woven Wool?

Merino lambswool is sheared then needled onto a fabric backing.
Wool quality, length, and density is more consistent than Merino wool on a natural hide.
The longevity of Woven Wool is superior to Merino Wool on a hide. Generally, the hide is what becomes compromised after it encounters dampness or heat.
Since Woven Wool is not on a hide, no sheep were harmed in the making of this pad.
With Woven Wool, machine washing is simple.

  • Item #: ThPad3340 B-W-N

ThinLine Dressage Woven Wool Correction Pad

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