Passier Optimum II Dressage
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Passier Optimum II Dressage

The Optimum II is the systematic evolution of the popular Optimum Dressage Saddle. The exquisite riding sensation, the advantageous cut of the saddle which ensures that the rider sits in the optimum position and the narrow twist for excellent contact with the horse have been maintained. New features are the pre-formed knee inserts, the larger thigh supports and the Selloil leather lining of the large and small saddle flaps.

Furthermore, Optimum II convinces by means of its secure billet strap arrangement with flat eyelets.


"Love the super narrow twist. This adjustable tree is good for many equine body types. Super close feel to your equine partner!" 

                                                                               Flying Star Saddlery

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Passier Optimum II Dressage

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