Passier Compact Comfort Dressage
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Passier Compact Comfort Dressage

The Compact Comfort is exactly the right saddle for horses with a short back - with the greatest comfort for the rider at the same time! This saddle features short support length so that the saddle rests securely in front of the horse's 18th rib. The seat is even bigger and more comfortable for the rider!

Also featuring the  new Queen Special solution: A recess in the saddle tree in the front of the pubic area cannot be seen from the outside, but can be felt very precisely from above! It ensures lasting pressure relief and a heavenly soft seating. The narrow, high thigh blocks give the leg a secure hold and ensure that the thigh is in the correct position.

The Compact Comfort is particularly horse-friendly: thanks to the saddle pad for more freedom at the withers, it offers the horse the greatest possible freedom of movement, and with the W-girth it always sits exactly where it belongs: the horse's shoulder is relieved at the front, the cord is drawn precisely at the back to where most of the stop is needed.

An absolute dream saddle that makes horse and rider equally happy!

Leather: Seat, knee and cushion: Selloil leather

Furnishing:  PS saddle tree widened in the rear area, Queen-Special solution, narrow, high thigh rolls, W-straps, saddle cushions for more freedom at the withers.

Width of the iron head is adaptable to every horse!

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Passier Compact Comfort Dressage

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