Classic lines. Black dressage saddle. Short block.
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PDS Integro II Dressage Saddle - Block 7

Integro Dressage – new in the Carl Hester Collection by PDS - Performance Dressage Solution!!

The INTEGRO is built on the Legacy Jump Tree with very short points for the wide Dutch or Baroque body-type. 

Lightly swept up in the rear for those short backs. Short and high thigh blocks will suit riders of all leg lengths for maximum support and freedom of movement. Adjustable rear billet. Adjustable gullet. Please indicate correct size and gullet width!

Patented AMS® Synthetic Wool panels. Superior quality leather.

Medium Wide gullet installed at factory. Flying Star Saddlery provides your specific gullet size - FREE of charge.


"As I worked through the gaits, I found the saddle to be very supportive to my hip and lower leg. Felt my horses' sides more equally than I had before!"          Kim Benson

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PDS - Integro II Dressage, Block 7

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