Oregon Trail Saddle
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Oregon Trail Saddle

You can really get into the horse with this superior trail or pleasure saddle. With its deep, narrow seat, cut out skirts and easy swing fenders with rigging covers, this saddle really stands out. Made from chestnut skirting with a unique border tool this saddle only weighs 32 lbs. but is strong enough to hold up to the roughest country.

TREE: Fiberglass Covered All Around Little Wonder
BARS: Full Quarter Horse (7" Gullet)
SEAT: 14", 14.5", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5" or 17" padded
CANTLE: 4” Leather Cheyenne Roll
FORK: 13”
HORN: All Around (3 1/2" High • 2 1/2" Cap)
RIGGING: 7/8 Stainless Steel o In Skirt with Rear Rings, Free swing Covers over Front Rigging
SKIRTS: 26”, Fleece Lined, Breast Collar Dees
FLANK CINCHA: Heavy Skirting Leather
STIRRUP LEATHERS: 2 1/2" with Blevins Buckles
STIRRUPS: 2" Leather Covered Bell Bottoms
FINISH: Border Tooled, Dark Oiled and Polished
WEIGHT: 30 to 32 lbs. Fully Rigged
Made In the U..S..A..

  • Item #: CS-02

Oregon Trail Saddle

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