Lightweight Pikes Peak Flex
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Lightweight Pikes Peak Flex Saddle

The Pikes Peak Flex Saddle is the ultimate trail saddle. At a shockingly lightweight 27 lbs, this saddle pairs ease and function seamlessly. The Dropped Skirt Rigging provides close contact to the horse, and the seat has 1" depth of cushion- perfect for long rides! The Equi-Fit Flex Style is an affordable, comfortable option. 

  • Tree: Equi-Fit Flex Tree

  • Bars: Standard Equi-Fit

  • Seat: 14-17"

  • Cantle: 4″

  • Rigging: Dropped Skirt Rigging

  • Skirts: lose contact cut out, fleece lined, breast collar dees

  • Stirrup Leathers: 2" with Blevins Buckles

  • Stirrups: Aluminum 

  • Weight: 27 lbs. Fully Rigged

  • Item #: CS-05

Lightweight Pikes Peak Flex

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