Two-pocket Correction Half Pad. Full sheepskin - 4 color variations. Set of two front and two rear shims. LeMieux Brand. ProSorb - Model
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ProSorb Lambskin Correction Half Pad by LeMieux

Comes with a set of shims for a Two Pocket Half Pad.

The Pro-Sorb system offers a unique combination of all the benefits of a luxury Merino lambskin half-pad with the flexibility to adjust saddle fit and balance. Insert pads cover the main weight bearing areas offering additional absorption and padding! The clear-spine on the underside prevents 'blocking off' the key gullet area, relieving pressure and allowing airflow.

Full set (4) - 13mm insert pads included.

Color combinations available:

  • Black pad with Natural colored wool (Med-8025.Lrg-8028)

  • Black Pad with Black colored wool (Med-8026.Lrg-8029)

  • White Pad with Natural colored wool (Med-8027.Lrg-8030)

  • Brown Pad with Dark Brown colored wool (Med-9112.Lrg-9113)

  • Item #: LeM HlfPd01

LeMieux - ProSorb Two Pocket Lambskin Half Pad - With Shims

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