LeMieux ProSorb Three Pocket Lambswool Half Pad
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LeMieux Pro-Sorb Lambskin 3 Pocket Half Pad

The newest addition to the LeMieux Pro-Sorb range. The three pocket half pad design offers even more options for fine tuning saddle fit. Central pocket enables more support to be applied to the central area of the saddle, especially where there is a problem with a dipped or sway back or a prominent spine that lacks adjoining muscle. Pro-Sorb System offers a unique combination - all the benefits of a luxury Merino lambskin half-pad with the flexibility to adjust saddle fit and balance.

The Pro-Sorb three pocket pad gives you multiple choices in one product. Closed-Cell foam pads slide easily into three pockets on the top side of the Lambskin Half Pad. The pads are made from a memory foam and soften when warm.

* Full set of six insert pads included.

* Medium Pad is 16" - 17.5" (Blk/Blk = 7670, Blk/Nat = 7668)

* Large Pad is 17.5" - 18" (Blk/Blk = 7671, Blk/Nat = 7669)


LeMieux Washing Instuctions

  • Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush.

  • Machine wash at 30° on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash.

  • Use a good quality Wool Wash.

  • Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing.

  • Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry.

  • Avoid fabric conditioners.

  • Ensure the washing machine drum is large enough to safely accommodate the pad size.

  • Close all velcro firmly prior to washing.

  • Remove all pad inserts prior to washing.

  • Warning: In rare cases dye from black wool items may leach from wool items giving a slight blue tint. Staining of grey coats can occur.

  • Item #: 7668-7671

LeMieux ProSorb Three Pocket Lambswool Half Pad

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