Rich look of faux leather outer. with matching or natural colored fleece and LeMieux symbol with signature diamond shape upper strap. Five color options.
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Fleece Lined Brushing Boots 

Beautifully fitting brushing boot with luxurious soft fleece lining & grained faux leather outer.

Ultra soft lining prevents rubbing & evens out pressure. Supports lower limb & protects against brushing knocks. Ideal for schooling, turnout, or warming up!

Unique LeMieux diamond shaped top strap guarantees secure fit and durable PU materials means these boots wash superbly.

LeMieux Care Guide

  • Easily machine washable at a low temperature (preferably 30 degrees)

  • A washing tablet/capsule can be used

  • Ensure all velcro is fastened together and clip straps are attached prior to washing

  • If fleece lined, gently brush during drying to ensure wool volumises

  • Air-dry near heat source, never tumble dry

  • Item #: LeMxBrBoot

LeMieux Fleece Lined Brush Boots

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