Kieffer Saddlery

Flying Star Saddlery is proud to announce the availability of Kieffer Bavarian Saddles. Kieffer saddles are certified by the Austrian Department for Animal Welfare and are 'ANIMAL WELFARE COMPLIANT.'

For more than 170 years the name “Kieffer“ has stood for Bavarian craftsmanship.

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The Kieffer 'Made to Measure' saddle concept based on EQUIscan and Saddle-Check (BVFR) measurement data has been renowned as animal welfare-compliant by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’.

The combination of the Kieffer saddle tree and panel concepts with professional measurement data enables them to build or adjust custom made to measure saddles fitting perfectly to the horses back. The aim - to create horse-friendly equipment for healthy horses and lucky riders.