Ikonic 'Hybrid' Pony Jump
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Ikonic Light - Hybrid Version - Pony Jump

Seat Sizes: 15", 15.5" and 16"

Our hybrid pony saddle is technically based on the pony saddle from the evolution line.

Therefore, this saddle benefits from all the improvements of the “Evolution” pony saddle, twist of the tree is even narrower and allows children to get more into the saddle, the flaps are soft so that youngsters can have more contact and grip.

The purpose of this saddle is really to help young riders find their position while being able to relax, which will help them for the rest of their life as a rider.

We want all riders to perform their sport at all levels by taking advantage of a saddle made of materials of a high-quality and technically accomplished while remaining at an affordable price.

This saddle is equipped with a system of interchangeable blocks sold separately. These are fixed by velcro which allows either to change them or to place them according to what is possible and what the rider will prefer.

Welt Colors shown are Navy, Blue Grey, Tan and Red. Any welt color available or matching.

The reference of the interchangeable blocks for this saddle is BL001

  • Item #: PHY01

Ikonic 'Hybrid' Pony Jump

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