Ikonic Hybrid Jumping Saddle
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Experience the new light Jumping Saddle in the “Hybrid” version. In the visible area with real leather , all other components with durable synthetic leather, hybrid version! New tailored saddle tree, optimal seating comfort.

This saddle is equipped with a system of interchangeable blocks sold separately. These are fixed by velcro which allows either to change them or to place them according to what is possible and what the rider will prefer. Saddle delivered from the factory with an “S” (short) block.

Interchangeable gusset system, panels refillable with natural wool for a perfect adjustment, large panels to distribute the pressure, integrated underflaps including the cut-out to improve the lateral contact, a broad 3-points girthing allowing a distribution of the traction to place the saddle correctly, a wide pommel opening at the withers to avoid any "pinching". 

Choose from 13 colors to customize your welt and stirrup keeper

  • Item #: HybJ-01

Ikonic Hybrid Jumping Saddle

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