Far infra-red deep heat Mat. Warm Beigecotton cover. Tan Temperature dial - cord.
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Deep Heat Therapy Mat

Mat: 20" x 30" for horse & rider!

The deep heat therapy mat uses safe, far infrared technology which directs “sun-like” warmth to help relieve deep-seated pain and speed healing.

 Utilizing natural amethyst quartz crystals* this pad is great for equines and humans, emitting far infrared rays that penetrate deep into tissue to help ease sore muscles and joints!

 The outstanding qualities of our specially designed** therapy mat:

  • Heat produced by the natural amethyst crystals-penetrates 4-6” into tissue & joints
  • Pad is safe, long-lasting and highly effective
  • Negative ions produced by the crystals relieve stress and boost energy
  • FDA certification
  • Temperature control dial
  • Plugs into an AC outlet
  • High quality cotton/polyester exterior covering
  • Comes with operations manual


  • **Our special design eliminates the vinyl windows and thereby increases the life span of your mat!


*The rarity of the natural amethyst contributes to the overall quality of our mats offered here. Many therapy mats on the market do not use true crystals and/or cheaper stones – thereby reducing effectiveness.

  • Item #: DHTM-MM

Far Infrared Deep Heat Therapy Mat

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