Fairfax Sirius Dual Flap Jump
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Allows the horse greater freedom of movement and therefore increased clearance over the fence. Improves the rider’s sense of connectivity with their horse, aiding unity and a closer leg contact.

  • Luxurious, super-grippy Italian calf leather
  • Option with croc trim on the forepiece and cantle
  • Adjustable knee and calf blocks to fine tune leg support in the jumping position
  • Patented Performance Panel is proven to help the horse move more freely over fences
  • Panel is lined with pressure relieving Prolite and flocked with pure English wool
  • Customise the shoulder blocks to allow the rider to sit squarely on a horse with asymmetrical shoulders
  • Upgrade for the Spirit Jump
  • "R" BAR


Color: black or havana
Trim: plain or croc trim
Sizes: 17”, 17½”

  • Item #: Frfx-SiriusDual

Fairfax Sirius Dual Flap Jump

Price: $3,500.00
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