Fairfax Classic Open Seat Dressage
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Fairfax Open Seat Dressage 

A traditional two-flap dressage created especially for the rider who appreciates a little more room in their saddle sea. Crafted using top quality English leather. Designed using the research and development that went in to our Performance Products to ensure the horse benefits from Fairfax’s fitting features and girthing options.

  • Open and flatter seat for those who prefer a more ‘relaxed’ dressage position. The seat is not as ‘forward’ as the Classic Dressage.

  • The design and placement of the billets provides girthing options to fine-tune the fit to the horse’s shape and movement

  • Luxurious double-oiled butt leather & Super-soft full grain hide on the seat

  • A stitched-on knee block which is smaller than the Classic Dressage and can accommodate a larger thigh while still providing comfortable support

  • The addition of deep cushioning and ghost stitching on the knee pad means the support is softer and more accommodating for a variety of leg lengths and size

  • Available in Black. 

  • Item #: FRfxOpSeDrsg

Fairfax Classic Open Seat Dressage

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