Fairfax Cara Monoflap Dressage
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Specifically, to suit the 'uphill' conformation of the Friesian breed and baroque types such as Andalusians, Lipizzaners and Lusitanos.

  • Luxurious, super-grippy Italian calf leather
  • Croc trim on the fore-piece, flap and cantle
  • Deep rear, and slim front, gussets to provide a perfectly balanced platform for the rider on an 'uphill' horse
  • Surface-mounted thigh block gives the experienced rider support without restricting their position (same block as the Petrus and Stella)
  • Upgrade of the Elias Performance Dressage
  • Patented Performance Panel is proven to help the horse move more freely, improving extension, flexion and gait symmetry
  • Panel is lined with pressure relieving Prolite and flocked with pure English wool
  • Use the shoulder blocks to fine tune the amount of leg support the rider requires
  • Customise the blocks to allow the rider to sit squarely on a horse with asymmetrical shoulders
  • Color: black
    Trim: croc
    Sizes: 17”, 17½”, 18” 
  • Item #: Frfx-Cara

Fairfax Cara Monoflap Dressage

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