E.A Mattes Correction Half Pad - Front Trim
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GOLD Correction Half Pad with Front Trim and Pockets for Shims

Once you’ve tried it you’ll never want to be without lambskin trim ever again

The MATTES half-pad is always a good choice, for general riding, dressage or show jumping. This lambskin half-pad with lambskin trim at the front and lambskin lining beneath the saddle area – you can choose white or black. The half-pad is stylishly finished with a top band, binding and our popular quilted pattern.

  • Shims included (6 front and 6 back)

  • Medium or Large – White on White or Black on Black

  • Item #: 354576

E.A Mattes Correction Half Pad - Front Trim

Price: $300.00
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