Deep Heat Therapy Mat
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Far Infrared Deep Heat Therapy Mat

Standard size: 21” x 30”

The deep heat therapy mat uses safe, far infrared technology which directs “sun-like” warmth to help relieve deep-seated pain and speed healing. Utilizing natural amethyst quartz crystals* this pad is great for equines and humans, emitting far-infrared rays that penetrate deep into the tissue to help ease sore muscles and joints!

 The outstanding qualities of our specially designed therapy mat:

  • Heat produced by natural amethyst crystals - penetrates 4-6” into tissue/joints
  • Pad is safe, long-lasting and highly effective
  • Negative ions produced by the crystals relieve stress and boost energy
  • FDA certification
  • Temperature control dial
  • Plugs into an AC outlet
  • High quality cotton/polyester exterior covering

*We are developing a new prototype mat! One that is more rugged and user/horse friendly

*The rarity of the natural amethyst contributes to the overall quality of our mats. Many therapy mats on the market do not use true crystals and/or cheaper stones – thereby reducing effectiveness.

*We have partnered with the manufacturer to create a therapy mat with no vinyl windows. These vinyl windows – have the least malleable qualities of all the 16 layers used in manufacturing these mats and in our experience break down after a couple of years, rendering the mat useless or in need of duct tape!

Our special design eliminates the vinyl windows and thereby increases the life span of your mat!

  • Item #: DHTM-01

Deep Heat Therapy Mat

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