Cardanel Saddles - CLOSE OUT SALE

Cardanel Dressage Saddles

The Cardanel trees are best for the wide wither and wide spine horse. The twist is moderate. Cardanel, long standing high quality English saddle maker has ended production. Flying Star Saddlery is offering unbelievable closeout prices!

INCREDIBLE SAVINGS on these top-notch English Dressage Saddles by Cardanel!!

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Cardanel Cachet Dressage  (C8) Cardanel Challenger Event Cardanel Olympian Dressage - C3
Cardanel Cachet Dressage (C8)Cardanel Challenger EventCardanel Olympian Dressage - C3








 Flying Star Saddlery is happy to service your Cardanel saddle! We stand behind each and every saddle purchase! At these prices - these Cardanels are a steal!!