Albion KB Competition Crank Flash Snaffle Bridle
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Albion KB Competition Snaffle Bridle with Crank Flash

The Albion KB Competition Snaffle Bridle, preferred by dressage riders, features a 30 mm padded crank flash noseband (affording extra comfort), and leather continental reins. (Black shown)

When correctly fitting, this bridle is designed to have virtually no pressure points! Made with the best leather available!!

Don Valentino models a "Dot-dot-dot' Swarovski® Crystal Browband on his KB Snaffle Bridle, and wants to remind you of the holiday discount on all strap goods!

Call Flying Star Saddlery to discuss the many options of nosebands, browbands and reins! 303-912-8703

  • Item #: KB Br06

Albion KB Competition Crank Flash Snaffle Bridle

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