Albion Fabrento Dressage
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Albion Fabrento Dressage Saddle 


Albion Fabrento - beautifully styled, quality, mono-flap saddle with serious performance potential. The Fabrento places rider in the perfect position to apply all aids effectively from a secure central position. Tapered knee roll provides support without restriction and particularly useful for riders with long legs riding shorter backed horses. 

Built on the new Adjusta-Tree with open head and lower profile suiting higher, longer withered horses. Width can be adjusted by a trained saddle fitter to suit the individual. Unique, ergonomic tree is ideal for the modern sports horse, ensures maximum should rotation.

  • British made and designed

  • All new adjustable tree

  • Short back panels

  • Wool flocked

  • Calfskin finish

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Albion Fabrento Dressage

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